A new security update has been released by Oracle to fix a critical remote code vulnerability that could be exploited by a malicious agent to gain access to the system.

The updated version faces 405 new security vulnerabilities.

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Oracle has released a list of products that are affected and recommends users to install the new update immediately.

The following is a list of affected products

9 new security vulnerabilities have been fixed in the Oracle Database Server. Of these, 2 vulnerabilities could be exploited by a remote intruder without identity control.

The update also fixes a critical vulnerability in Oracle Global Lifecycle Management, which attackers can exploit using only user credentials.

1 vulnerability in Oracle Secure Backup, which can be exploited remotely by intruder-free intruders.

Oracle Communications Applications has also received a large number of repairs, a total of 39, 35 of which could be used remotely without authentication.

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Oracle Construction and Engineering receive updates on 12 security vulnerabilities, 9 of which can be used remotely without authentication.

Among other things, the Oracle E-Business Suite receives a large number of code updates, a total of 74, with 71 of them being able to be used remotely.

Oracle Financial Services Applications receives 34 new security updates and Oracle Fusion Middleware receives 56 new updates. The update covers 45 new security vulnerabilities related to Oracle MySQL and 19 for the Oracle virtualization server.


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