Apple: Fixed an annoying bug in the iPhone hotspot? Apple recently discovered a bug in the iPhone Personal Hotspot feature, and there are indications that the company will soon announce a fix for that bug. The Personal Hotspot feature allows users to convert iPhones to a Wi-Fi access point and use them to connect other devices to the Internet. The Hotspot Staff is a particularly useful and important feature, especially at a time when most people resort to telework, as they are forced to stay and work at home in view of the Coronado pandemic, without having direct access to their networks. their companies.


However, there are a few users who point out that the hotspot is disconnecting other devices or is not displayed. In addition, MacRumors reports that Apple has informed its authorized service providers to expect that a number of its customers will report such a problem or even a general performance problem. However, the company has suggested a fix that includes turning on and off the Personal Hotspot feature, which may sometimes work normally and without problems, but other times it may be necessary for a user to turn it on and off. five or ten times to work.

Apple’s tech giant has not yet announced any bug fixes in the Personal Hotspot, but the company is scheduled to release a critical new version of the operating system for iOS 13.4 on March 24th. It is likely, but not yet certain, that this release will contain a fix for the specific error that was detected in the iOS Personal Hotspot feature.

IOS 13.4 is currently rolling out an updated Mail app, new Memoji, and Animoji stickers and iCloud Folder Sharing, along with some other minor updates.


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