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Sunday, January 17, 2021
Hackers love linux

Why Hackers Use Linux And How To Get Started With It?

What Is Linux? Linux is a Kernel (we will talk about it later), not an Operating System.Operating Systems that use Linux Kernel are called Linux Distributions and...
HTML Injection

HTML Injection : The Introduction

Hello Guys!! Today I am going to tell you about HTML Injection which is in OWASP’s Top 10 Vulnerabilities list. And is upon number 1 on the list...
SQL Injection

Login Bypass With SQL Injection

First of all, read the previous article SQL Injection Explained From Scratch so you can get this stuff better.So today we are going to learn how...
Port Scanning

Port Scanning: First Step Of Exploitation

Port Scanning First of all, If you don’t know about ports then refer to A Beginner’s Guide To Ports.So every program on a computer that is...
What is SQL Injection

SQL Injection Explained From Scratch

Databases And Injection Attacks When data is stored in an organized manner for later use it is called a Database (loosely speaking).Schools have a database of student...

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): Getting Started

Today we will learn the basics of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).Ahh please stop thinking why they call it XSS and not CSS, I wasted hours...

What is Cloudflare? How does it work? How to bypass it?

Today we will learn what is Cloudflare, how it works, and how we can bypass it.You can read this article if you don’t know about DDOS.First...
DoS attack

The Denial Of Service (DOS) Attack

DOS Attack is more like Kung Fu When we punch someone once, maybe he can walk on his own feet but what about 10 Punches?...