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Thursday, October 22, 2020

EthiHak website: Check out the new site and find out about...

EthiHak website: Check out the new site and find out about the contest:Ā EthiHak, the largestlive-hackingexperience that has now become an institution,has...
twitter accounts hacked

Musk, Bezos, Gates hacked: Twitter accounts violated for fraud

Gates, Musk, Bezos hacked: Hackers gainedĀ accessĀ to the Twitter accounts ofĀ Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and many others, on Wednesday afternoon, to...
World Health Organization

Hackers target the World Health Organization amid a Pandemic

According to Reuters,Ā HackersĀ attempted to attack theĀ World Health OrganizationĀ earlier this month. According to the head of the WHO...

Hacker sells Weibo data to 538 million users on the Dark...

We all know that data is a new kind of gold and people can make a lot of money by selling...
dark web

Dark Web Hosting Provider again Violated: 7,600 sites Offline

Daniel's Hosting (DH), theĀ leading free web hosting provider for dark web services,Ā closed yesterday after aĀ hackingĀ attack.Ā This is the second time in 16...

Hackers breached Facebook’s Official Twitter Account

Recently, a group ofĀ the hacker,Ā OurMine name, claimed responsibility for the violation of official accounts of Facebook onĀ InstagramĀ andĀ Twitter.
Gambling sites

Chinese Hackers Attack Gambling Sites

CompaniesĀ SafetyĀ Talent-JumpĀ andĀ Trend MicroĀ revealed in their reports that for about six months (from summer 2019), aĀ group of ChineseĀ hackersĀ carry outĀ attacksĀ onĀ companiesĀ that are behindĀ sitesĀ gambling and betting.

Hackers sell 30 Million Credit Card Data on the Dark Web

According to Gemini Advisory, information from Wawa's hacking leaked to the Dark Web this week at Joker's Stash, one of the...