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Thursday, October 22, 2020
internet explorer

Zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer – No patch yet

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the existence of a zero-day vulnerability found in Internet Explorer (IE) and is already being used by hackers . So far,...
chinese hacker

Chinese Hackers target Malaysian government Projects

The Malaysian government and security investigators said in a statement yesterday that a Chinese hacking group (financed by the Chinese state) is attacking government officials in the country. The MyCERT (group emergency situations Malaysia) said that Chinese hackers targeted...
dark web

Dark Web Hosting Provider again Violated: 7,600 sites Offline

Daniel's Hosting (DH), the leading free web hosting provider for dark web services, closed yesterday after a hacking attack. This is the second time in 16...
Gambling sites

Chinese Hackers Attack Gambling Sites

Companies Safety Talent-Jump and Trend Micro revealed in their reports that for about six months (from summer 2019), a group of Chinese hackers carry out attacks on companies that are behind sites gambling and betting.
iran flag

Spear-phishing: Iranian Hackers target US Government Officials

According to an investigation by security firm Integer Labs, an Iranian hacking team is spear-phishing attacks targeting US government officials. Investigators have linked the attacks to a hacking team known as APT34 or OilRig.
twitter accounts hacked

Musk, Bezos, Gates hacked: Twitter accounts violated for fraud

Gates, Musk, Bezos hacked: Hackers gained access to the Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and many others, on Wednesday afternoon, to...

Vianet’s customer data compromised with the latest leaks

An anonymous hacker has allegedly released more than lakh rows of Vianet Communications user's data on the dark web. The leaked data consists...
athens music hall

Athens Music Hall: Hacked Site by Turkish Hackers

Athens Concert Hall: Defeated the website of the Athens Concert Hall by AKINCILAR, the Turkish hacking group known for its attacks on Greek websites, on...