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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
athens music hall

Athens Music Hall: Hacked Site by Turkish Hackers

Athens Concert Hall: Defeated the website of the Athens Concert Hall by AKINCILAR, the Turkish hacking group known for its attacks on Greek websites, on...
ddos attack

DDoS attack Prevented Iranian users from Connecting to the Internet

Iran suffered over hacking attacks (DDoS) that have affected the connectivity of users on the internet. According to NetBlocks, which monitors networks and troubleshoots and crashes, a powerful DDoS attack has blocked access to the Internet.

Hackers breached Facebook’s Official Twitter Account

Recently, a group of the hacker, OurMine name, claimed responsibility for the violation of official accounts of Facebook on Instagram and Twitter.

US voter Websites Fall Victim to DDoS Attacks

A technique called Pseudo Random Subdomain Attack (PRSD), which uses DNS requests for non-existent and random subdomains, was used by hackers to carry out DDoS attacks on US voter websites.
chinese hacker

Chinese Hackers target Malaysian government Projects

The Malaysian government and security investigators said in a statement yesterday that a Chinese hacking group (financed by the Chinese state) is attacking government officials in the country. The MyCERT (group emergency situations Malaysia) said that Chinese hackers targeted...

Hackers have Created a Highly Realistic Bot to Steal Money!

The North Korean hacking group Lazarus Group targeted several crypto exchanges last year, Chainalysis reports. In March 2019, hackers stole about $...
iran flag

Spear-phishing: Iranian Hackers target US Government Officials

According to an investigation by security firm Integer Labs, an Iranian hacking team is spear-phishing attacks targeting US government officials. Investigators have linked the attacks to a hacking team known as APT34 or OilRig.

Hackers sell 30 Million Credit Card Data on the Dark Web

According to Gemini Advisory, information from Wawa's hacking leaked to the Dark Web this week at Joker's Stash, one of the...