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Thursday, November 26, 2020
Moobot Botnet

Moobot Botnet: Infects fiber routers with a zero-day vulnerability

Researchers at Qihoo 360 have discovered that Moobot Botnet has been successfully deployed on fiber routers with zero-day vulnerability, for remote code execution. In total, nine...

The TikTok vulnerability allows hackers to replace the viral video

According to developers Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry, a vulnerability discovered in the popular social networking site TikTok could allow hackers to replace users' videos with fake...

Hackers attack Governments and Health Organizations

The coronation pandemic continues to be used by hackers to carry out malware attacks, phishing campaigns, scams and spread misinformation.   Security researchers have discovered a large...

405 security vulnerabilities are being fixed by Oracle

A new security update has been released by Oracle to fix a critical remote code vulnerability that could be exploited by a malicious agent to gain access to...
woo commerce

Credit card thieves target WooCommerce sites with the skimmer

Hackers target WooCommerce sites with a special JavaScript-based card-skimmer malware, which allows credit card data to be stolen without having to redirect payments to accounts controlled by hackers.
spam call

Research: Half of the calls we receive are spam

Unwanted calls are something that has plagued all people for years. Worryingly, many of these calls can be fraudulent . The spam and scam calls affect thousands...
cyber criminal

Hackers have been targeting Linux servers for about 10 years

Hacking campaigns have targeted Linux servers for almost a decade without realizing it. According to BlackBerry researchers, the company, which is...
app store

Apps with Fleeceware infected about 3.5 million iPhone users

More than 30 apps in the App Store of Apple, found to contain Fleeceware, malicious software used for financial scams.