EthiHak website: Check out the new site and find out about the contest: EthiHak, the largestlive-hackingexperience that has now become an institution,has its own website to keep you up to dateon signups, competition dates, winners, the funny moments, the teams, the challenges, the prospects and the timing of ethical hacking.

Ethihak already counts four years of successful competitions in Greece . In the context of this institutional event for cyber security , hackers have the opportunity to compete in a number of challenges in the areas of: web application exploitation, system exploitation, malware analysis , reverse engineering, log analysis, pen testing , cryptography , digital forensics and many other.

EthiHak was born to ensure that all security enthusiasts practice real-time attack tools!  In addition , it helps inform and raise public awareness of current threats, security gaps, and the tools that powerful hackers nowuse to circumvent security systems .

The annual competition aims to promote the ethical side of computer hacking . Ethical hackers are the ones trying to protect computer systems and infrastructures from hacking attacks.


The innovative competition, aimed at assessing the level of internet security, offers the opportunity to more than 100 contestants to practice their skills through live cyber attacks .

EthiHak website new site

EthiHak acts as a qualifying competition for the national team in the framework of the European Cyber ​​Security Challenge ( . The ECSC team is staffed by people aged 14-25.

Check here the EthiHak website to stay up to date on the competition!

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