We all know that data is a new kind of gold and people can make a lot of money by selling people’s personal information.¬†Well, according to a recent report, a hacker sells the data of 538 million Weibo users on the Dark Web.

Discovered by ZDNet journalists and many Chinese media outlets, the hacker apparently has a lot of information from the¬†Chinese website¬†Weibo in his hands.¬†The hacker recently posted an ad to sell the data on the Dark Web.¬†The man allegedly got his hands on data from an SQL database in 2019. He claims to have hacked the¬†Weibo¬†database¬†in mid-2019 to retrieve the data and now sells it for ¬• 1,799 ($ ‚Äč‚Äč250 ).

The stolen data contains details of 538 million users of the Weibo site, including personal information such as gender, real names, and location. The hacker claims that there are only 172 million phone numbers out of 538 million users. However, the good news is that the hacker does not have the passwords of accounts.

Now, after this discovery, the company’s reactions are varied.¬†Chinese security experts noticed the irregularities in the company’s statements.¬†First, the company claims that the¬†data was¬†obtained by contacting the¬†API, while the hacker claims to have obtained the data from an SQL database, as previously mentioned.

Second, there is no explanation for how the attacker got his hands on details such as the location and gender of the users. These items remain private on the site.

However, following these confusing statements, the company said it had informed the police and the investigation was ongoing.

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