Recently, a group of the hacker, OurMine name, claimed responsibility for the violation of official accounts of Facebook on Instagram and Twitter.

The same group is also behind the violations of HBO’s social media accounts, the New York Times, the NFL and ESPN.

After the¬†hackers¬†breached the accounts, they posted a message on their official Facebook account saying: “Hello, we are OurMine.¬†Well, even Facebook can be hacked, but at least its security is better than Twitter’s. “

However, there is something more strange than the fact that the team used their Facebook account to attack Twitter, which is that they included their email id. They also asked people to contact them to improve the security of their social media accounts.

Twitter managed to download the post from its platform within 30 minutes.

As soon as we found out about the issue, we closed the accounts that were hacked and are working closely with our Facebook partners to get them resolved,” said a Twitter spokesman.

The team also hacked the official Facebook and Messenger accounts on Instagram. Users began to realize that something was wrong when they saw the OurMine logo being published several times by both accounts.

Of course, OurMine’s claims about the security of the two popular platforms are untrue, as neither Facebook nor Twitter has been the victims of¬†infringement, except for a few accounts.

Reportedly, a tool known as “Khoros” was used to post these Tweets and photos from their official Facebook accounts.

This same tool was also used to send tweets from NFL accounts that had been hacked some time ago.

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