The online game Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) is a fighting game set in a hostile environment. This means that those involved in it are trying to kill their opponents in every way.

It seems, however, that the¬†hackers have¬†decided to¬†infiltrate the game¬†and make it even more difficult by adding “killer skeletons” who are particularly aggressive.

RDR2 Online becomes more difficult with the addition of scary skeletons!

As it became clear from the reports of the incident, the hackers decided to turn a relatively loose graphic element into a game that was far more threatening. Specifically in a skeleton with two heads that wants to kill you.

The worst thing, of course, is that you can’t kill these skeletons. The only way to get rid of them is to tie them up and throw them away. Once you do that, run away from them. However, even this will not completely rid you of their presence.

It is not an official event

When the skeletons first surfaced, the players thought it was some Rockstar Games prank for the¬†Halloween¬†season.¬†Unfortunately, though, it was a project of¬†malicious¬†agents, and given the chaos they caused, hopefully, it’s a limited event.

So if you see a skeleton coming towards you when you play RDR2 while on the streets of Valentine’s, for example, our tips are simple. Climb on your horse and leave as fast as you can! It is neither friendly nor particularly easy to get rid of!

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