During the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020,¬†Apple¬†announced some impressive¬†features¬†related to Apple CarPlay in the upcoming iOS 14. One of the most exciting features of CarPlay is the Digital Car Key, which will give you the You can unlock your car with the iPhone¬†device¬†you.¬†So now you don’t have to have your keys with you.¬†Currently, 97% of cars in the¬†USsupport Apple CarPlay, while about 80% of cars worldwide are compatible with Apple CarPlay.¬†Thus, this feature can significantly reduce the use of normal keys, if implemented properly.¬†One might consider the Apple Digital Car Key to be the key provided by¬†Tesla¬†‘s electric cars.¬†It will pretty much work the same way the Tesla App works to unlock the car over a cell phone.¬†However, the feature will not be available initially on all cars.¬†Specifically, the first car to support this feature will be the 2021 BMW 5 Series, which will soon be on the market.¬†Apple has announced that the¬†feature digital Car Key will also be available on iOS 13. In addition, the company said it wants Digital Car Key to be compatible with all cars.¬†To achieve this, it works with industry leaders.

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How does iOS 14 Digital Car Key work with Apple CarPlay?
Using Digital Car Key in the car is easier than you might think.¬†The process uses¬†near-field communication¬†(NFC) and your car door is unlocked simply by pressing your iPhone on the door.¬†Digital Car Key is not limited to unlocking and starting the vehicle.¬†It also makes your car safer and at the same time increases comfort.¬†If you lose your keys or your iPhone, you can turn off the keys via¬†iCloud.¬†In addition, Apple gives you the option to share your keys via the iPhone with other users, for example, if someone in your family needs your car but does not have the keys.¬†So you don’t have to worry as you can share your key with¬†iMessage.¬†In addition, there is an option for limited access, such as limited driving mode, which is suitable for teenage drivers.¬†However, you can also give full access if you wish.¬†In addition to these features, iOS 14 will also have exclusive EV routes on the¬†Apple Map.¬†Apple is working with well-known automakers such as¬†BMW¬†and¬†Ford to develop EV routing for its map app and plans to work with other automakers in the future.

iOS 14 Digital Car Key

Apple believes it will relieve car owners of stress.¬†The Apple Maps app will automatically analyze the current battery percentage, weather, and other details and add charging stops to your route based on this data.¬†In addition, you will know what type of charger works for your car and you will only be asked to stop at compatible charging stations.¬†There are similar applications, such as PlugShare, for locating Tesla charging stations, but it is not known whether they are inspired by Tesla or not.¬†Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

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