Apple unveiled the new version of iPadOS under the WWDC 2020, ie the optimized version of the mobile operating system for the iPad. As the… a spin-off of iOS 14, on the iPadOS 14 we will see almost all the new features of the iPhone, such as the new Translate app, the ability to pin conversations in iMessage, the new features in Apple Maps, widgets and of course the App Clips.

There are some improvements in the exclusivity of iPadOS 14 regarding the design of iPad applications. For example, many Apple apps will have a sidebar for quick access to all their features, as well as a new dropdown menu. Also, the digital assistant Siri will appear in a small window at the bottom of the screen (instead of occupying it completely), the search bar is in a more limited context, while incoming calls and FaceTime will appear in smaller notification tabs so as not to they interrupt you when you work.

Remote file

Improvements have also been made to the Apple Pencil stylus. Thanks to Scribble, the shape of the designs you make by hand is recognized and refined automatically (eg if you want to make a circle), there is a handwriting recognition tool for converting them to digital format and editing, but also the ability to write to applications (eg Safari) manually and even in different languages.

The iPadOS 14 will be available in the fall.

Which devices will be upgraded to iPadOS 14

  • All iPad Pro models
  • 5th generation iPad or later
  • iPad Mini 4 or later
  • iPad Air 2 or later

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