Kali Linux on Windows 10? Now you can download and install the Kali Linux, thanwhat the Microsoft app for Windows store 10. It sounds unbelievable, but true!

Kali Linux is a popular, free, open source Linux based operating system. It is mostly used for hacking and penetration attacks. You can easily replace it in Windows 10 without the need for dual boot or virtualization.

The Kali Linux is the latest Linux distribution available in the App store for installation with a click, which is included in the list t s popular distributions such as Ubuntu , the OpenSUSE and SUSE Enterprise Linux.

In Windows 10, the Microsoft put the service Windows Subsystem for Linux (Windows Subsystem for Linux), the Griot a allows users to run Linux applications directly in Windows.

Download and install Kali Linux on Windows 10

If you are using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) for the first time , you must enable it first.

To enable WSL, follow these simple steps:

1: In Start, type “turn Windows Features on or off ” . Open the result.

2: Find and activate “Windows Subsystem for Linux”.

3: Restart the system.

Kali Linux on Windows 10

You can also enable it by opening PowerShell (as an administrator) and typing: Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

Then search for Kali Linux in the Windows Store and download it. The application will automatically complete the installation of Kali and open a new window.

This is! You can go to the Kali Linux site for more information.

If you want to turn the environment of Kali work, here you will see a video of how you can install xfce4 or xrdp. This is of particular interest to professionals who are involved in security / penetration testing but have limited capabilities.

Kali Linux on Windows does not come with the preinstalled tools that the regular version contains, but you can easily install them later.

It should be noted that your antivirus or Windows Defender may send a false warning, but you need not worry about it.


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