Researchers cybersafety of Check Point revealed details of two potentially dangerous errors in the services of Microsoft Azure, which could give hackers the ability to target and exploit many companies that are engaged in web and mobile applications to the Azure. The Azure App allows users to create web and mobile applications for any platform or device and easily integrate them with SaaS solutions into in-house applications to automate business processes.

According to a report released by researchers at The Hacker News, the first security bug (CVE-2019-1234) is a spoofing issue that affected Azure Stack (a hybrid cloud computing software solution from Microsoft).

Microsoft Azure

This error would allow a hacker to gain remote unauthorized access to screenshots and sensitive information of any virtual machine running Azure. According to researchers, the hacker can exploit this error through Microsoft Azure Stack Portal, an interface where users can access the clouds they have created using Azure Stack.

By utilizing a secured API, the researchers found a way to access the virtual machine name and identity, the hardware information (kernels, full memory) of the target machines, and then use it with another unanswered HTTP request ID to steal screenshots.

For the second bug (CVE-2019-1372), this is related to remote¬†code execution¬†that affected the Azure App Service on Azure Stack, which would allow a hacker to gain full¬†control of the¬†entire Azure server and consequently take control of a¬†company¬†‘s business code.

hacker coding

A hacker can exploit both of these errors by creating a free account in Azure Cloud and running malicious operations on it or sending HTTP requests without authentication to an Azure Stack user portal.

Check Point researcher Ronen Shustin, who discovered the bugs, reported them to Microsoft, preventing hackers from causing serious damage and chaos. After the correction of both errors, the company awarded the Shustin giving $ 40,000 under the program Azure bug bounty.

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