Microsoft has released Windows Terminal v0.11, a new version of Windows Terminal, which is a command-line application for developers using Command Prompt, PowerShell and Windows Linux (WSL) for Windows 10. According to Microsoft, this version is the latest major update before version 1.0 of Windows Terminal, but there may be some revisions to this version in the future. Users can download this latest version from the Microsoft Store or from the relevant GitHub page. Windows Terminal v0.11 is the first version to support a non-English user interface language, but Microsoft still faces errors and translation issues.

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Microsoft plans to release Terminal 1.0 in May, a year after Terminal was announced at the Microsoft Build 2019. developer conference. Microsoft Build 2020, scheduled for May 19-21 in Seattle, will take place online due to its pandemic COVID-19. About 5,000 developers usually participate in Build.

latest version of windows terminal

Significant changes have also been made to the regulations. For example, profiles.json has been renamed to settings.json. For users who have Terminal installed, this will automatically update the username. Microsoft recommends that users move the configuration file out of the folder and let the Terminal automatically create a new one. They will then be able to move the settings to the new folder. The codeCascadia, Microsoft’s Terminal font, is now the default for all profiles created automatically by Terminal. Additionally, the default background color in Windows PowerShell Profile is now black. There are other changes, some of which relate to the touchpad, which now appears when users click the Terminal, as well as improvements to the scrolling trackpad and screen touch.

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