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Friday, October 23, 2020


FTCODE Ransomware attacks Windows and encrypts files

Researchers have discovered a new wave of ransomware FTCODE that steals login credentials and encrypts files on Windows systems.

Citrix: Releases Patches for Critical Vulnerability!

Citrix has launched patches to tackle a vulnerability in the ADC tool. The vulnerability, referred to as CVE-2019-19781, affects Citrix Software...

Zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer – No patch yet

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the existence of a zero-day vulnerability found in Internet Explorer (IE) and is already being used by hackers .

Sexual blackmail scam! Hackers say they will post your nude photos

Hackers are using a new method of sexual blackmail . This is a new scam where hackers demand money from their victims by threatening...

80 thousand cards of customers of the Bank of Kazakhstan sold by Hackers !

An announcement about the sale of an archive of stolen data from 80,000 Halyk Bank credit cards appeared on the...

Ddos Attack on Greek Government Websites by Turkish hacker

A Turkish hacker group called "Anka Neferler" claimed responsibility for cyber attacks late Thursday afternoon on Greek government websites,...

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