Twitter error: It concerns those who use Twitter Ads!¬†Twitter has revealed¬†a “Data Security Incident”¬†that causes storage information to be stored in the temporary memory of the browser of those who¬†use Twitter as a means of¬†advertising.¬†In essence, this error allows any third party to use your¬†computer¬†to access this data.

Twitter error: It concerns those who use Twitter Ads!
Twitter error: Refers to those who use Twitter Ads

So far, Twitter started to send emails to business customers who¬†use Twitter Ads and Analytics Manager¬†informing them about a “data security incident” that stores erroneous billing information with an advertiser on Twitter, the¬†cache¬†of the browser.

The information stored incorrectly in the browser’s cache can be¬†email, phone number, last four credit card digits, and billing address.

“It¬†simply came to our notice then.¬†If you have added payment details to¬† or, this information may have been stored in the browser’s cache.¬†Information such as email address, phone number, the last four digits of your credit card number (not full numbers, expiration dates or¬†security codes¬†) and billing address may be stored in the browser’s cache.¬†If you’ve used a shared computer, it’s likely that third parties have seen the information stored in the browser’s cache, “¬†said the email, which was sent to the company’s customers.

Twitter error: It concerns those who use Twitter Ads!

While the error was corrected on May 20, 2020, the data incident notification was sent today – with a month’s delay – leaving users exposed for a long time.

As a solution, the company revised its code in order to prevent web browsers from caching sensitive information.

”¬†On May 20, 2020, we announced the” instructions “that Twitter is sending to the temporary memory of¬†your browser¬†so that it does not run the same risk again,” the email said.

Twitter error: It concerns those who use Twitter Ads!

It is worth noting that so far no violation of the exposed data of Twitter customers has been identified. However, no indication of a breach is always consistent with the guarantee that there is no breach.

Users must Clear web browser caches IMMEDIATELY:

“While we have no evidence that your payment details have been compromised, we want to make sure you know the issue and how to take the necessary¬†security measures.¬†If you use a shared computer to access Twitter Ads or Analytics, we recommend that you delete the browser’s cache when you log out. “

Finally, the company apologized for the security incident and pledged to regain the trust of users.

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