Twitter knows it has a problem with misinformation. Now, he thinks a possible solution in the form coordinators h n and indicative tweets.

And made several attempts to abolish the troll behalf s , as Twitter has a much greater problem to distinguish normal from false accounts. Here, this solution may help .

As NBC News first reported, and then confirmed by Twitter, the company is trying in various ways to stop the false information.

According to NBC News , some tweets contain large orange boxes that label them as “misleading”.

” Reports from Twitter users have identified this Tweet as a violation of Community False Information Policy,” the warning states. “The visibility of this tweet will be reduced.”

Thus, the community can be a group of moderators who evaluates the content and earns points for its efforts.

Importantly, a Twitter spokesman said this is just one of the changes that are likely to be made in the future.

“We are looking at different ways of dealing with misinformation,” the spokesman said. “This is an option that will include community feedback. Misinformation is a big problem and we will try to deal with it in many different ways. “

In other words, the above will not happen soon.

The Twitter confirmed that there is a deadline for this project. It may not happen at all. In particular, there is Ms. dome to “synthetic media policy” of Twitter which erchet cent on March 5.

There are critical problems that the company will need to solve if Twitter decides to turn its idea into reality. 


For example, what is the threshold that a Tweet has to pass for evaluation and labeling? In other words, it’s hard to imagine that every Tweet will be carefully controlled.

Even though the process is being done by other Twitter users, there should be some criteria for which tweets will be checked and which will not.

In the end, it’s nice to see Twitter thinking about these complex problems and trying to reduce the abundant misinformation.

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