Investigations showed that just a few months before the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018, Amazon billionaire owner Jeff Bezos was targeted by¬†hackers.¬†Specifically, Jeff Bezos appears to have received a message from¬†Prince Saudarava¬†‘s¬†personal account, Mohammed bin Salman, through the¬†WhatsApp¬†application.

That message concealed a malicious file, and in particular a¬†video, that infected the¬†Amazon¬†mobile phone owner.¬†Hackers seem to have taken advantage of the seemingly good relationship of the two powerful men reflected in their¬†WhatsApp communication, which was shaken, as was reasonable, after sending the malicious file.¬†The result of Jeff Bezos’s cellphone buzz was that a significant amount of data was leaked in just a few hours, though it was unclear what information was stolen or how it was used.¬†Prince Saudarawa‘s involvement in the message that has “hacked” the personal data of the billionaire owner of Amazon is causing a backlash, which is likely to intensify if it is¬†verified.¬†One of the scenarios being heard is that Saudi Arabian prince Mohammed bin Salman was motivated to “cheat” Bezos after¬†publicly¬†expressing¬†his desire to attract more Western¬†investors in Saudi Arabia, aiming at the¬†economic¬†transformation of the kingdom, which struck a chord with critics (one of whom was Khashoggi) and his opponents.

Whatsapp Spyware

This revelation is likely to raise difficult¬†questions¬†for the kingdom about the circumstances in which American¬†newspapers¬†collected and published detailed¬†information¬†on Jeff Bezos’ privacy – including his personal messages – nine months later.
It could also lead to thorough¬†scrutiny¬†of what the Saudi prince and his inner¬†circle did¬†just months before Khashoggi’s assassination, five months after Jeff Bezos’s alleged mockery.

Jamal Khasgoggi

Saudi Arabia had previously denied that it targeted¬†Bezos’¬†phone¬†and insisted that Khashoggi’s murder was the result of a “ruthless business”.¬†Eight people were also convicted in a secret trial in Saudi Arabia for involvement in the killing.¬†This trial has been criticized as a scam by human rights experts.¬†The¬†digital¬†forensic experts began to consider the Bezos phone for details of the¬†private¬†life.¬†The story, involving his involvement in an extramarital affair, kicked off a¬†race¬†by his¬†security¬†team¬†to reveal how Jeff Bezos’ personal messages were even found in¬†signs¬†a supermarket owned by American Media Inc (AMI).

Research by the billionaire’s team has found credible¬†sources¬†that the Saudi’s managed to¬†access¬†Bezos’ phone through a message and extract personal information.

The¬†analysis¬†of Bezos’ phone and¬†indications¬†that it had begun “hacking” through an infected file coming from Prince Saudarava’s account has been reviewed by a UN special rapporteur, Agn√®s Callamard.

Callamard, whose¬†investigation¬†into Khashoggi’s murder showed that the prince and other¬†Saudi¬†officials¬†had been responsible for the killing, continued to investigate the murder but declined to comment on Bezos’s case.

Saudi experts said Jeff Bezos may have been targeted because he owns the¬†Washington Post¬†and its corresponding¬†coverage¬†in Saudi Arabia.¬†Khashoggi’s critical columns about Mohammed bin Salman and his repression campaign against activists and intellectuals displeased the prince and his inner circle.

The Andrew Miller, expert on the Middle East who served in the National Security Council under the presidency of Obama, stated inter alia that the Saudis do not really have limits to what they are willing to do to protect and promote the MBS, whether it be the head of a from the biggest companies in the world or for a dissident.

Finally, the¬†possibility¬†that the head of one of America’s top corporations was¬†targeted¬†by Saudi Arabia could be a White House dilemma as US President¬†Donald Trump¬†and his groom, Jared Kushner, were closely linked to the prince. Saudi Arabia, despite the¬†fact¬†that US military findings showed that Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder of Khashoggi.

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